About the Dental Advocate

jeff tonner

Jeff Tonner is one of the only US attorneys to devote a full-time law practice advocating for dentists. He has faced dental boards, judges, juries and arbitrators in nearly every type of dental-legal action. Since 1988, he has exclusively represented dentists and dental offices with skill, expertise and notable success. He defends dental practices and promotes understanding of relevant legal issues in the following areas:

  • Dental board and civil malpractice actions
  • Drafting and reviewing dental-legal contracts
  • Assisting in employment issues and general business matters
  • Offering professional education seminars
  • Brokering dental practice transitions


Jeff Tonner has authored 2 books.

Malpractice: What They Don’t Teach You In Dental School
Ideal Charting For General Dentists

Malpractice: What They Don’t Teach You In Dental School,” PennWell Publishing Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Copyright January, 1996.

Ideal Charting For General Dentists,” Dental-Legal Publishing Company, Phoenix, Arizona. Copyright March, 2001.


Jeff Tonner regularly speaks to dentists and their staff across the United States. Among the more requested topics are:

  • Avoiding Dental-Legal Entanglements (risk management)
  • Dental-Legal Record Keeping
  • Labor Law Essentials for the “Small Dental Office” (13 employees or less)
  • Crisis Management: What Can Happen To a Dental Practice When The Dentist Dies Or Becomes Disabled

Please contact Jeff’s office at 602-266-6060 if your dental association, study club or dental group is interested in scheduling a unique presentation.

Dental Board and Civil Malpractice Representation

Jeff Tonner has defended more than 2,500 cases before the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners, and has defended dentists in hundred of civil malpractice actions, before all of Arizona’s trial and appellate courts.

Business Representation

Jeff Tonner regularly assist dentists in drafting buy/sell agreements, reviewing associate dentist contracts and office leases, forming professional and other corporations, and various other business matters.

Dental Practice Transitions

Additionally, Jeff Tonner brokers dental practices in Arizona for Western Practice Sales. For twenty years, Western Practice Sales has assisted sellers throughout Arizona, California, Oregon and Nevada. It is operated by professionals including dentists, MBAs and a dental attorney. For more information, please visit www.WesternPracticeSales.com.


J.D. DePaul University 1981
Chicago, IL
Law Review

B.A. Indiana University 1977
Bloomington, IN


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