How Do Your Charts Compare?

Far too many dentists settle legal actions, or have negative dental-board results permanently published on state websites, not due to treatment issues but charting deficiencies.

On average, dentists will face 3 to 5 lawsuits or other legal actions over the course of their careers. When your turn inevitably occurs, your chart (primarily progress notes and consent forms) is your SINGLE BEST DEFENSE.

Here is the endodontic template from the Ideal Charting for General Dentists system. Compare this entry to what you current use. The version on the right comes from a well-know software company and may be what you currently use:

Need to improve your charting? Let The Dental Advocate give you peace of mind.

All of our templates come with instructions for your staff to “cut and paste” these valuable defense tools into your existing software system. This one-time installation takes less than 30 minutes.

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