Dental Charting Case Study: How You Can Avoid This Malpractice Mistake

Regular readers of this blog should know by this point that even the best dentists make the occasional charting blunder. That’s the entire idea behind The Dental Advocate’s ICDG Charting System, putting the most robust dental charting content into a product to prevent malpractice before it starts (but I digress!). Here is another real-life example […]

Dental Treatment Plan Case Study: Using The “Drawing” Software Feature

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth 10,000 words. The same can be said for developing and effectively selling a dental treatment plan to patients.  Drawing on an existing x-rays educates the patient, provides a superior dental chart entry, and improves case acceptance. Here is another real-life example of charting issues and the […]

How To Deal With Negative Dental Social Media Reviews

                              The rise of social media created many benefits for dentists. However, in terms of dental risk management, negative dental social media reviews create headaches for many practitioners. Here’s a quick dental risk management case study on how you can deal with […]

Dental Risk Management: Office Theft And How You Can Prevent It

Dentists often allow their staff off-site internet access to your office computer opens the door for internet theft.  From a dental risk management perspective, it also can be problematic, when the employee quits or is terminated.  Complete patient information is often downloaded, which permits “poaching” once the staff member is gone. Here’s a dental real-life risk […]